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                             Berry College bald eagle, sitting in a hardwood out closer to US 27 in front of the college campus


*** Canyon closes three campsitesActing Superintendent Paul Carson announced that Little River Canyon National Preserve has closed three backcountry campsites for health and safety reasons.  The three campsites normally open February 1 each year. “We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our visitors,” Carson said.  “Unfortunately, when we were inspecting the sites prior to opening, we determined that we must keep them closed because the pit toilets at the sites are unserviceable.  They are at risk of overflowing and contaminating the surrounding areas.  That is why we took action to close the sites and begin planning for clean up.” “We recognize how important camping is to our visitors and we are working to quickly establish replacement sites.  We hope to have information about the new sites available in the near future.” Carson said the park is completing required studies of the replacement sites to ensure they meet state and federal standards.  


*** CRBI wants EPD to better regulate water temperature in Coosa at Plant Hammond - The Coosa River Basin Initiative wants the Georgia Environmental Protection Division and Georgia Power to take immediate steps to restore the Coosa River by forcing the utility to add cooling towers that would reduce the temperature of water being discharged by the power plant back into the river.  The environmental group claims that tens of thousands of fish are killed annually by the super-heated discharges which result in lower oxygen levels in the riv

water a day from the Coosa River at Plant Hammond near Rome, used 

it cool the plant’s coal-fired power generators and then sent most of it 

back to the river as hot water. Now, more than 40 years after the passage 

of the Clean Water Act and more than a decade after state tests showed 

the Coosa was suffering from depleted oxygen—one consequence of the 

hot water discharge—Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division (EPD) 

has still not required the company to install a cooling system that would 

dramatically reduce water use at the plant and restore healthy oxygen 

levels in the river. A cleanup plan that was originally proposed in 2003 has 

never been implemented and EPD now says it will not

Coming Events

February 7, 2015 - Snake Creek Gap Mountain Bike Time Trials - Dalton  17 and 34 mile rides

March 7, 2015 - Snake Creek Gap Mountain Bike Time Trials - Dalton  17 and 34 miles rides

Apeil 2, 2015 - CRBI Greenie Awards - Barnsley Gardens - 

Floridian Patrick Farrell enjoys one of the hiking trails at Fort Mountain State Park

Cyclists enjoy one of the many recognized and marked cyle routes in the Armuchee community.